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Too much fabric to see it all.  Some has to go.

Too much fabric to see it all. Some has to go.

I took the month of January off from ‘making’ to do some much needed heavy cleaning and organizing in my home. I was so pleased with myself and all of clearing out I got accomplished. I even cleared out my dreaded basement. I left my craft room to the very last since it clearly was in need the most.

The day came when I had scheduled myself to start on the craft room. I dug right into the gourd area. I moved the gourds to the newly cleaned basement and spread out both my work area and storage. It only took one day to get that part taken care of. The one thing left to finish, was the sewing and fabric area. I knew I had to thin out the amount of fabric, there was too many pieces of fabric that I knew I would never use.

The fabric thinning day started bright and sunny. I pulled out the first pile and could go no further. The day suddenly got overcast and glum. My stress level hit the roof. My adrenalin started pumping and I had to walk away. I couldn’t make myself part with a single piece of fabric. I knew this must make me a hoarder. I had to get help.
I turned, of course, to Facebook. My social networking friends were terribly entertained, supportive, sympathetic, and gave tons of suggestions and ideas. Bolstered with their support and shaming, the next day I dug in and got ruthless knowing I could put it all back if I wanted to. When I was finished, I had 11 black leave and lawn bags of fabric that was suppose to leave. I’m serious, there really were 11 of them. Okay, I admit each bag was only about half full, but I can’t carry a full bag.

11 bags of fabric leaving

11 bags of fabric leaving

I took a good long look at my now depleted shelves of fabric and realized I still had scads of fabric. The best part was I could actually access ALL of it when I needed to get creative.

There is still plenty of fabric after the purge.

There is still plenty of fabric after the purge.

I had all these bags now cluttering the floor of my craft room. It was the only place left in my entire home that wasn’t neat and organized. They absolutely had to go. Somehow miraculously, once they were in the bags and I couldn’t see them anymore, the fabric ceased to exist for me.

Isn't this fabric beautiful?

Isn’t this fabric beautiful?

I pulled and tugged them all out to my car and off I drove to my favorite thrift shop. Someone is going to get a good deal on fabrics. In exchange for my donation I got 3, that’s right 3, 30% off coupons to spend there.
Of course, I couldn’t just go there and not take a quick look around. Who could? You know what happened next don’t you? In my defense, it was amazing. It was perfect. And the fabric was in my current favorite colors.