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               Okay, so my goal is to write about those things that will fascinate people so much that they will wait with baited breath for my next blog.  I’ve come up with all sorts of things that I am fascinated with and want to write about but have no clue if others will feel the same.  So there lies my dilemma.  Do I write about what I find fascinating or what I think others would like?  I guess it’s got to be me, since I can’t see into other people’s brains.

               Today, I my passion is my schedule.  I feel so lucky to have my days to myself to do anything that pleases me.  Retirement is great.  One of my strengths is to be able to separate out what I want to concentrate on.  This morning I sewed the fronts of my little bear finger puppets.  Which, by the way , is the last of the puppets for this year.  This afternoon I will work on the thunder drum gourds, which is new to my gourd line this year.  And finally, this evening I will do handwork as I watch a video.  This schedule works for me.  I make a chart separating each day into three blocks or parts.  I do this anywhere from a week to a month in advance.  That way I don’t have to think what I am to do later on.


The Winter schedule

               During the morning block, I sew.  I sew puppets, puppet theaters, children’s masks, baby carriers, patchwork picnic blankets or play mats.  I try to work a bit on each type of item every week, that keeps new items flowing all of the time.  I do have to admit, I am behind on baby carriers.  I am a bit of a morning zombie and with sewing, I can just follow procedures and don’t have to get creative.  I find I have good energy in the morning as long as I don’t have to think too hard which baby carriers occasionally make me do.



Cut projects ready to sew. Top to bottom: puppets, masks, theaters. Lower down are the carriers and playmats

              The afternoon block is dedicated to working with gourds.  Over the winter I spread out the making of the different gourd items.  Mondays are designated to the new thunder drums, Tuesdays to luminaries, etc.  This is my hardest block.  I get sleepy in the afternoon and it is my least productive time.  I love working with gourds so that’s the most likely activity I will work on through the lethargic part of the day.  I take a big break between the morning and afternoon blocks to take care of any paperwork, mailing, packaging, shopping or personal business.



Key chains drawn and ready to burn. Those circles are sandpaper.

               The evenings, when my body wakes up, is often my most productive and creative time of the day.  So much so that I often have difficulties stopping, so I try to make myself quit at 11:30.  Usually, I put on a movie and do handwork.  That will include cutting, embroidering faces, drawing designs, painting, finishing gourds, final touches, packaging, making dream catchers, shekeres and crocheted items.   I try to make what I do in the evening match up with the day’s work.

               For my sanity, at the end of each block I straighten up the mess I made and put things where they go.  Then, I set up for the next day.  That works well for me, so I don’t accumulate too much clutter, can find what I need, and can get started right away on the new project.


Yesterdays, work but away and the makings of a picnic blanket out and ready to use

               Now it might seem like all I do is work.  I call it keeping busy, but I take breaks whenever I feel like it and remind myself to eat.  The weekends, I consider free time and anything I do on the weekends is a bonus.  Housework, which is not a priority to me, I fit in bits and pieces, especially if I am having company.


This is my evening nest set up to finish painting a new display and work on a shakere.

               The teacher part of me wants to add that building a schedule and even posting it up, frees thinking processes and concentration to immediate needs and helps avoid getting overwhelmed by the big picture.  My schedule works for me and my body rhythms.  Anyone making a schedule for themselves needs to look at what they can realistically do, what they need to get done, how their body responds, and what fits into their life. 

               I really am pleased and excited, okay, fascinated, with my daily schedule.  With it I can accomplish so much more without letting myself get overwhelmed with making dozens of everything, because you know I have to make dozens of everything I try.