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You can never have enough fabric.

You can never have enough fabric.

I though I would start this blog by explaining a little about myself and what I want to accomplish. I contemplated making it cute and clever and then decided, I am neither cute nor clever, so I am just going to give you a peek at who I am.
It started with a farm animal set for a friend's child.

It started with a farm animal set for a friend’s child.
I had the chance to work with many wonderful groups of tumblers. I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful groups of tumblers.

For those that know me, they know that I rarely do things in a small way. I almost always have a passion or two going. Some might even use the word obsession. The big passions that are from my past, but still in my heart, include: teaching middle school, coaching performance gymnastics, hosting International Festivals, raising my children, coordinating Baha’i Youth Workshop performing dance group and youth conferences. Today, my passions include spending time with my grandchildren, working with gourds and sewing, running my my Etsy shop, and vending locally at markets and festivals.
I have always done crafts.

I have always done crafts

Through all this making or creating things has played a huge role in my life and continues to be a passion. One of my earliest memories is that of making lots and lots of mud turtles. From a mud turtle start, I continued with what I call being a serial crafter. I started sewing in grade school and still sew. I continued on with weaving, batik, rug making, doll house building, played with plastic mesh, done fabric painting, linocut sculpting and printing and may pick these up again in the future. Today I am busy with macramé, working with gourds, quilting, and all manner of sewing.
Gourds that are waiting to be made into something fabulous.

Gourds that are waiting to be made into something fabulous

And then there is drawing. I can’t remember not drawing. I draw for drawing sake. I draw to illustrate. I draw to put together designs for other things.
Great International Festivals

I couldn’t just teach history, I had to celebrate it.

These short words don’t tell a lot about me, but give a peek at who I am.
The tough question for me is what do I want to accomplish writing this blog. I know I want to learn to communicate better and stop hoarding my thoughts. I hope to motivate other makers to believe in themselves. If I can share some knowledge and make new friends, that would be fabulous. It would be wonderful to learn new things and gain new passions.